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The Balanced Life Retreat


You'll be weaving your way through the week by embracing Yin, Yang and Yoga - reflecting your different states and how they work with natural cycles.

Learn how to recognise the different energies at play around you, their sources and how to begin influencing them so you can maintain a better sense of order in your daily life.

You'll walk away with a much deeper understanding about balance and how it applies specifically to you. You'll also gain practical tools and insights into how to live in better harmony with everything going on around you.


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You Will Gain
  • a deeper understanding of balance in nature and what it means
  • practical experience
  • new tools and skills
  • a whole new way of experiencing your world
  • an appreciation for different cultural traditions
  • a practical guide to getting started
'The Balanced Life' workshops 2 Yoga classes daily
5 night exclusive stay at Honai Wellness Resort in Ubud Yin Yang & Food workshop (Nicole Diaz)
Airport or local transfers to and from the retreat 60 Minute traditional Balinese massage
Breakfast and dinner daily Free daily shuttle into Ubud